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I can't remember the last time I actually posted something to LJ, and yet I still check it on a regular basis. I guess I'm weird.
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K Sa-Rah-Sa-Rah

I really, really love Sarah Dessen's books- her character's are so... true to life.
They've made a discussion board for her new book coming out- Along for the Ride. If you've read her stuff, check it out. If you haven't, time to get some new books.
Plus... I get a chance to win an advanced copy of the book for posting this - :] Everyone loves the chance for free stuff, especially books.
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I've had this blog for what is approaching three years, but haven't posted anything in what is approaching two years. How lame is that, right?
I check it on a pretty regular basis to see other peoples updates, but I never write my own. I've been thinking about starting up a blog, making it some big secret endeavor, and then I just saw that Belen started a blog and... I had to come post something.
I always feel I need to do what other people do, but it's a quite impulse, so I don't even realize that the reason I think of something is because someone else thought of it first. It doesn't get any more subliminally unoriginal than that.

I don't like journals, but I start new ones up all the time, because I get reminded of the fact that if I don't write things down, no one will ever know. Or if they do know, they could forget. And then it's all lost.
But journals mostly turn into me wallowing about something or other, and then I'm filled with this total self-loathing at the fact that I would even record that, and I stop writing.
Until I start again.

I don't know what the trick is. Omit things? Not look back on what I've said? Hind-sight is 20/20.

...We'll see.

I learned in Health the other day that people typically like people who are already in relationships because people like to be happy. I also think that seeing someone being happy with someone else makes you think that you could be happy with them, and they could be happy with you, which means you're responsible for someone's happiness. And we all want that. Until we're not making them happy-then we don't want to be responsible.
It makes sense.

I think I have a chemical imbalance.
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Sometimes I just expect things to happen by themselves, with out any effort on my part.

Like... I say that something will happen
but I don't do anything to make it happen

so I'd like to set a goal to make the things happen that I want to happen